Monday, October 16, 2006


I think I need assertiveness training. Or at least I need to act instead of freeze up.
I've been thinking about the whole nursing issue again. I can't help but wonder (even though I know it does no good) I wonder if I had taken that nurse's advise at the UCLA Westwood hospital and let Claire do non-nutritive sucking everyday if she would be nursing now. I think it got interrupted because Claire had distended intestines (aka bowel loops) shortly after she began to recieve milk. Then it was hard working with a different nurse nearly everyday. In retrospect I wonder why the lactation consultant there didn't work with us. I talked to her a couple of times about milk supply issues. Why is this taking so long? Why is the LC I went to so unhelpful? I'm grieving because I want so badly to be able to nurse Claire and seems like we are further away than ever. I want to be able to nurse without equipment or paraphernalia.


Ma Torg said...

Hi Jen,

I don't if this will be helpful, I'm sure the lactation consultant has given you lots of ideas already.

Have you tried sneaking in your breast during sleep times? Have you tried nursing her while walking in the sling?

Some suggestions I've read are, if you must use a bottle, use a newborn nipple so that the milk flow is slower (the faster flow is the main reason babies prefer bottles to the breast after they're had a few).

One suggestion, if you're comfortable with this, is to just put away the extras for a couple days and have a little breastfeeding camp. You can try immediately switching breasts as soon as Claire starts fussing so that she gets the initial fast flow again, and keep switching breasts and compressing the breast (squeezing, basically) to help encourage letdown.

If you expect a superfast milk flow (Claire is very gassy, gulps for air at feedings, etc.) try nursing in a reclining position or position Claire so that milk can dribble out of her mouth. Also, just try nursing with one breast each feeding.

My old midwife might be able to refer a good lactation consultant too. Her email is

You've probably tried this all already! But, hey, I figured it wouldn't hurt. I really feel for you, I had breastfeeding problems the first 6 weeks with Lucy and it is sooo discouraging and made me feel really depressed. Have hope even when it's impossible! We'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Kelly seems to have some sound advice. All the reasons you want to nurse Claire are valid. Continuing in prayer, Nanna Pennie