Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Our wireless internet connection has been flaky the past few days. That is why I haven't blogged. We went to the neurologist today and she said that Claire looks great and that there is no sign of her brain bleed in Claire's behavior/ abilities. What a relief. She said there is no hydrocephalous based on the CAT scan that was done a couple of weeks ago. The blood has started to metabolise. She said that it should be totally cleared away by Claire's first birthday. She wants to see Claire again in 4 months.

I tried to publish photos to Flickr from the laptop but I couldn't get online due to the above mentioned connectivity problems...hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for the good report from Claire's neurologist!! We look forward to the new pics! Love and hugs! Nanna Pennie

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessed baby she is.