Saturday, October 21, 2006


A good day today.
Claire has not been nappping as much as we thought she should the past couple of weeks.
A few days ago she had several long naps and today she slept off and on till 2pm with brief intermissions for eats. T what do I attribute this? Holding Claire skin to skin and in the sling. It was my intention to do this as much as possible when I left the hospital. Well I've been actually doing it lately and it is great. This morning I took about 20 minutes to collect everything I would need on the bed...only I forgot the phone and a snack. I held Claire fromabout 9:30 to 12:15 the first 40 minutes or so were challenging because she was quite energetic and it is to super comfortable when she moves around a lot. Eventually she fell asleep and slept for several hours. Every now and then she would stir and I would offer her the breast and/or bottle. She had a couple short snacks from the bottle and went back to sleep. Then we got up and she ate while I pumped. Then I put her in the sling and we went for a long walk which she slept through.

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