Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy Friday, week, life

Life with Claire continues to be busy. She finished her course of antibiotics on Sunday. She has been napping well, and slept well last night. There was a little mixup with leaving part of the Amby bed in Arizona. Thankfully, Grandma noticed right away and shipped out the part to us.

I am so happy to have my little girl and wife back with me. Claire has grown noticeably in weight, strength, and sophistication. Also, she is much more vocal, and sometimes seems to say some words and sounds with meaning.

Unfortunately, the gagging has resumed several times a day, and throwings-up about every other day. The nutritionist recommended adjusting the strength of the formula mix. Also, we are looking for a non-dairy probiotic, since Claire is allergic to milk protein.

Pictured is Claire's favorite short-suit, given to her by the Joneses from Church. This picture was taken during the 4th-of-July visit to Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

How true; life is busy every day, but I'm glad to observe some sense of savoring this special time of your young daughters life. Thank you for giving us a little window through which to share some of your day-to-days through the blog. You are in our hearts and prayers each day and are much loved. Mom in Lompoc