Sunday, December 07, 2008


oh the irony... after Mark posted last night Claire woke up crying several times. It was because she had an allergic reaction to some peanut butter on a butter knife she encountered when I turned my back. As a result her mouth was hurting her and she didn't eat any dinner. Her skin on her hands and face and neck was bumpy and itchy. I was and am very sad that this happened. Please pray that she will grow out of her allergies. It is becoming more difficult to protect her from being exposed to all of the things she is allergic to.

I enjoyed taking Emily to the Advent tea at church Sat. It was beautiful and relaxing and everything was tasty. I enjoyed chatting with the women and getting to know Anne Reynolds a bit. Emily's Godmother, Khouria Joy, got to hold her for a good long while so it was extra relaxing for me. Emily spent the remaining time in the sling looking around, nursing or sleeping.

Emily is up to 6 lbs 13 oz. She is a pleasure to be with. She generally only cries when she's hungry or too tired. There have only been a couple of times when I couldn't console her right away. She is making steady eye contact now and tracking with her eyes. She has been grasping things with her hands whenever they are at the right place at the right time. She hold on to a lock of my hair a lot. She's started batting at toys.

Claire is enjoying the choices we give her as a result of reading the Love and Logic book. She also enjoys it when I notice aloud things that she enjoys. "I noticed that you like to eat crackers. I noticed that you like to read books with Mommy. I noticed that you like to play with the neighbor kids." My goal for this week is to institute quiet chair time which I've been meaning to do since just before Thanksgiving but haven't remembered to do. Claire needs to learn how to sit quietly when she's asked to so that she can be quiet during church. We've been practicing whispering and I praise her whenever she does it.

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It was nice to get Mark's blog on "good sleeps", which I pray will be the norm. So sad about Claire's peanut butter reaction. We'll pray; God has a plan or purpose for it all! More on the Love and Logic book, please. It sounds like good reads! WOW!!-great weight for Em!! So thankful she's doing so well. Love hearing of Claire's likes. I've noticed that you are a very caring mother, Jen. I thank God for the blessing you are to Mark and your children and to all of us!!Love, Nanna