Thursday, January 01, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

We got back to LA this morning. We sure enjoyed our time spent with Mark's various relatives in Oklahoma. At the big family party on the 28th there were 38 people and Claire was in "cousin heaven." She had a great time playing with 2-year old Maverick and all his toys. The older girl cousins liked to pick her up and hug her. We also got to meet the youngest cousin, Molly, who is even smaller than Emily. We helped make spaghetti at Mark's Grandma's and hung out at Uncle Howard's and at Aunt Peggy's. One day we took a little boat ride in the canal at Bricktown and later met Maverick and his sisters at the Science museum. We all had a great vacation and enjoyed spending time reading and relaxing and eating good food at Mom's house and hanging out with Uncle Peter and his kids. Sarai and Rebequiah were very fond of Emily and very adept and entertaining Claire. One highlight for Claire was walking down the street to feed carrots to "Arrow" the friendly neighborhood horse. (pictures on Flickr at


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! What a lovely time you had with Mark's family. Seeing Claire with the horse reminds me of Andrew feeding a horse down the road when we lived in Williamson Valley. He was about Claire's age. Emily looks bigger than she did when we saw her before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

My, my! I DO hope Miss Claire was reminded of LINDA'S horses when she was feeding this OK pony!! :) We are well, and I am thrilled to hear you are, also. Still a bit of a dry hack, but beyond the sicky-icky part. Student Becky spent today with me while home from college. Chelsea and Kevin should be moving into their new house this weekend, so I will have some time soon, I think. I am going to begin riding with Tillie's trainer on Monday (every week), and clay classes are probably Wed. pm and Friday a.m.. I am still the taxi for Chelsea's work schedule (Jen, it doesn't end. I'm very sorry to tell you this.....). Pep is sick from a puncture wound and I have been doctoring that all week. Tell Claire it's time to bring carrots to the mountains!!!!!!! Glad you are all home safely and Happy New Year. xoxo Linda

Unknown said...

Claire will be thrilled to bring carrots for Hank and Tillie after her experience with Arrow. Look forward to seeing you soon, Linda.