Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christ is risen!

The long awaited Pascha has arrived and today we celebrate whole-heartedly. Mark and Claire are celebrating this morning by sleeping in. Emily is very close to being able to roll onto her tummy. She just needs a tiny nudge once she gets part way over.
I finally got to do some cooking yesterday. I made cream of chayote soup and sauted zucchini with fresh garlic. I also made some citrus/pineapple popsicles.


Nanna said...

He is truly risen! Enjoy the day. The soup, veggies, and popsicles sound yummy. Love to you all, Nanna

Nanna said...

We enjoyed seeing all the pics on Flikr of Easter Sunday at St. Michaels. I'd been wondering about Nan. She looks good. Of course Claire and Emily look just lovely!!. You too, Mark. Jen, I know who the photographer was; hense, no pics of you. Love to all, Nanna

Katie Jones said...

Thanks for the flowers, they were lovely! Also, I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures!