Sunday, April 12, 2009

Claire sick

Claire is under the weather today. Not sure what she's got. She is very tired and just wants to be held. She's not hungry and doesn't have much energy. She has a low fever.
Hope it passes quickly.


Katie Jones said...

Me too. Poor Claire! I will be praying for you too Jen. Sick little girls are hard for mom's too.

JB said...

We will be concentrating on her speedy recovery. Let us know how things progress.

Martin said...

We will keep dear Claire in our prayers today! Love and hugs from Nanna

Linda said...

AHHH! Poor widdle Claire! I shall keep her in my heart (but I do all the time, anyways..)! Do let us know when she is up and bouncing (literally). Hugs to you ladies. Just saw your note on FB. At least you've seen photos now of all the latest happenings up here on the mt!!
Alex and I took Willow up to the waterfall again today. She was a champ.
xoxox L