Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on the girls

Emily is moving and grooving.
She can roll both from tummy to back and back to tummy and she likes to squirm and wiggle her way when she is on the bed or floor.
She thinks everything in my hand belongs to her and should be grabbed and then make its way into her mouth. If I let her have something she gets mad if I take it back. If I trade her for something more interesting she is okay with the trade.
When she is happy she babbles la-da-ba but when she is mad or sad she says "ma" or "mem." She h=can hold onto something for long periods of time. Yesterday we went to the farmer's market and she held onto a red hair scrunchi the almost the entire time we were shopping. She dropped it twice and each time she fussed. She doesn't like me to leave the room and will fuss when I put her down. And cry when I leave the room even if she can still hear me. She sometimes cries when strangers talk to her especially if she is sitting in the stroller.

Claire seems to be on a growth spurt. She is up to 24 lbs, size 6 shoes, size 2T/3T pants, shirts and dresses. (Some pants are too big around the waist or a bit long.) I just bought her a handful of cute dresses for summer at the thrift store. Claire loves to pretend. She pretends that she is the mail man. She says that she is a chick and I am mother hen. She recites the alphabet when we are taking walks and she sees letters on the pavement. She loves the park. She isn't afraid of the slide anymore. She spontaneously uses a word or two in Spanish most days. (Hola, hasta luego, feria, agua, tortuga.)


JB said...

What great progress on all fronts. It brings us such joy to read about the girl's achievements.

Nanna said...

Thanks for a great update on the girlies. Can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks. We are driving rather than flying so have a bit more flex. Glad to get the latest on Claire sizes for upcoming birthday stuff. The Bridal Shower Tea today was a big hit for Kaleigh, Papa Johney's granddaughter. It was supposed to be a garden tea, but due to spring rains we had it indoors. Everything went beautifully and was a joy for 22 guests. Can't wait to have el fresco tea time with you all in your back yard. Love and hugs, Nanna