Thursday, June 18, 2009

8 months

8 months (Adjusted age.)
Emily loves Claire. She thinks Claire is THE funniest person alive. She was laughing hearty laughs just because Claire was peeking at her through the side of the swing today. Emily also loves Cheerios. She likes being in the Ergo pack. She likes sitting up and standing up. She likes music. She likes the rhyme "To Market, To Market to buy a fat pig..." especially when you jiggle her on your lap. She likes pat-a-cake with her feet. She likes chewing on toys and other objects. She loves to splash in the bath.

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Nanna said...

It's such a blessing knowing the girls love each other.
Tell Emily that Claire makes Nanna smile too. I'm off to the Myriad Gardens downtown to help with the Jr. Master Gardeners classes (grades 3-6) and then help with a tour of 2nd graders through the gardens. I'm interested in how they teach gardening to kids. My friend charlene is a regular volunteer there. Love, Nanna