Tuesday, June 23, 2009

little update

We got the girls to bed a little earlier than we have been recently and had time to do a little gardening while it was still light. I dug up a forest of weeds in my gasrden to make rook for zucchini and herbs.

I have started doing 10-15 minutes of exercise when I first get up in the morning.

I took the girls to the beach with Katie and Luke today. Emily rode on my back while Claire and I waded in the waves.


JB said...

What a fun, productive day. Tell Katie I said Hello!! I actually have some squash forming in the herb garden outside our front door. I hope no critters eat them before they are ready to harvest.

Martin said...

This family not only loves books, but we love gardens, as well. I'm happy for some gardening time for you and a little bit of excercise adds energy to the day. Just got back from our early morning walk in the park. It's so hot now, we go as early as possible. Our salad & herb garden enhance our dinner table daily. A joy. Much love to each of you and the family in Arizona too, Nanna