Saturday, June 06, 2009


Emily had a couple 4 hour stints of sleep last night or the first time in months. Hooray! In between she had long wake full periods though.

I went to our monthly mom's group today down in Orange County. Emily slept in the car both ways and was happy throughout. I really enjoyed the discussion and enjoyed getting to know the other mom's better. Many of us struggle with similar things which I found very comforting.

I am so thankful to God that Emily has learned to sleep in the car. She will cry when I first put her in her car seat but as soon as we start driving she mellows out and is happy. It was so stressful when every trip was a big cry-fest.

Mark and his dad took out the bird of Paradise plants to the north of our house which were ruining our neighbor's driveway. Mr. Lopez asked us to remove them because the roots are lifting up the edge of the cement. Whew! That was a lot of work.


JB said...

What a nice outing. I am glad you have found other Mom's to connect with. Sharing successes and problems with other Moms sounds like a morale booster! I am glad you were able to attend.

Here is hoping Emily continues sleeping well in the car and longer at night.

Love, Nanu

Martin said...

Nice to hear an update on Emily's sleeps and that she's sitting up on her own a little. What a delightful child she is! I know you're grateful for help with the Bird of Paradise removal. Love to Claire and Em and their mommy and daddy. Love, Nanna