Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Claire is growing too. She is 35.5 inches with shoes on and 24 lbs fully clothed.

Emily can sit for about two minutes now before she topples over. Emily has been taking some 45-120 minute naps lately. I've been trying to get her to sleep other ways besides nursing her till she falls asleep. One night she had a 4 hour stretch.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because there was a sad turn of events in the book Mark and I reading aloud to each other. (Bridge to Terabithia) I had a hard time not thinking about it or busying myself thinking of other things to avoid thinking about it then Emily woke up.


Kathy said...

So good to hear that your girls are growing well! They both had us pretty scared in their beginnings :)

My two oldest boys read The Bridge to Terabithia and talked about it for awhile (apparently there was some language too) I saw the movie and felt bad for the boys dad :)

Nanna said...

It makes me smile to think and hear about Claire and Emily. They are both so dear. And grow they will, so we will enjoy each stage and age.

I'd not read Bridge to Terabithia or seen the movie, so I looked up some reviews on Amazon and Netflix. Whenever I read or watch something that touches me deeply, I ask God what I can learn from it. I'm very sensitive to these things too Jen. Love to you all, Nanna