Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Emily sleeps

Emily continues to get through the night without any help from mom. She wakes up 1-3 times for a minute or so and re-settles herself. She is taking a 2 hour nap and a shorter nap most days. Three cheers for Emily.

Claire is learning to say, "May I please" instead of "I want" and learning to accept when the answer is "No." I am also intentionally giving her lots of opportunities to practice patience. I realized that she is constantly interrupting me and I hardly get anything done so Claire is learning to wait for what she wants and ask again later.

My morning schedule has gone out the window. I have to figure out what to do all over again. Emily has been sleeping till 7:15-7:40. And I wake up with lot's of milk and uncomfortable. So for now I have to either wake her up a little earlier or do some pumping until my body adjusts. Also I was exercising first thing in the morning before Mark leaves for work but that went out the window until today when I resumed. I did go on Saturday for a long walk at the wetlands at Huntington beach with church friends carrying Claire in the Ergo about a quarter of the way. None of this has amounted to any weight loss.

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Nanna said...

I'm so glad to hear you're all getting plenty of rest. This is huge, isn't it! Of course, just when you get one thing licked, there's always something else. But I know you treasure each and every day with your beautiful family. We think of you all often and really appreciate the updates on daily life. Time for Nanna to send another letter to Claire, but it must wait until after Great-grammy's party. How did you all do on the 20 questions about grammy? Love & Hugs, Nanna