Saturday, July 18, 2009


Claire is so excited about learning to play catch. She likes to use the small volleyball that came with our portable badminton set and stands about 2-3 feet from the person she's throwing to.

Claire is working on learning to share toys.

Claire and Emily are both loving our new backyard pool. hygt565b btfrf (That last bit was Emily typing.)Pictures soon....


Nanna said...

Good Sunday Morning Dear Ones! How nice to think about Claire playing catch. I can just hear her giggle and see her smile. And learning to share is great. Tell Claire Nanna says it' s a nice way to make friends and help people. We shared our rake and leaf scoopers with the children next door that were trying to clean up their front yard. Their parents were happy and shared some of their bbq sausage later with us. And the five boys are more friendly now. So, sharing toys or tools is being a good neighbor. Your new pool sounds very fun and we can't wait to see new pictures!Thanks for the sweetly typed message from you Em! Love, Nanna

JB said...

Yeah, more photos!! There can never be too many!! It is definitely hot enough here to be in a pool!! It's good you were here last week. Nanna, expect some photos in the mail this week. Glad all is going well with you all.