Friday, July 31, 2009


Juggling.... a loosing battle?
I've been trying to figure out a daily schedule for us and somehow I can't seen to keep on top of everything. I let my morning exercise slide the past two weeks and tried to focus more on organizing and laundry and other chores. By the end of the day when the girls were asleep I didn't have the motivation or energy to do evening chores-- kitchen clean up etc. I've felt very sluggish and tired in the evenings partly because I had a couple of bad nights sleep in a row. I think it is also from lack of exercise.

So this morning I started exercising again. Even though we went to bed too late last night I still feel fine at 3pm. Mark and I have a date tonight to see Harry Potter. Hopefully I won't be dragging then. I think I will have more energy to finish chores in the evening and then be able to start the next day with the house in order if I can keep up with the morning exercises.

I am falling more and more in love with Emily all the time. She is so sweet and happy and curious. She wants to explore everything and is trying to figure out how to crawl. She is able to move several feet by rolling and scooting.

Upcoming events:
Claire has her first swim lesson tomorrow.
Claire has an eval by a physical therapist from the Egoscue method next week.
I plan to take her to the pediatrician about frequent wheeziness and coughing.
Emily's first birthday is next Friday.


Nanna said...

Em's b-day box went in the mail yesterday. Little cousin Molly is trying to figure out crawling too, says Aunt Peg. We looked up Egoscue. Hope you two have a pleasant date night at the movies! Nanu sent some neat pics of Emily, and a cute one of Claire wearing her blue beret. Poppa & I just got back from our walk in the park. Big rain clouds are forming. Exercise does make a difference, though. Love, prayers, and hugs for each of you, Nanna

JB said...

We will be eager to hear a review of the Potter movie when we visit. We are so eager to see the girls and their new developmental advances. We are also interested in how Claire's first swimming lesson went. How exciting that Emily is almost "on the move".