Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Tooth

Emily's first tooth appeared on July 11th. She had a little fussiness and lack of naps but didn't seem to have too much trouble with it. I think she is working on number 2 now.
Both girls went to the cardiologist today. Emily had two small holes on hear heart and one of them has healed up. The other is very small and not problematic.. The doctor wants Claire to have surgery in the next year... maybe in the fall. He is going to consult with the surgeons at Children's hospital.

Emily also went to NICU follow up today and she is doing well for her adjusted age. She is ahead on fine motor skills and on target for the rest. They suggested having her stand and play more often. We have a music table that she likes. She stood at if on her own for quite a while this afternoon before she lunged into my arms.

Emily is still sleeping really well at night usually she wakes up once and re-settles herself. She hasn't been napping much unless I take walks with her in the pack.

Claire has been sleeping through the night most nights though last night she woke up wheezing and coughing at about 4 am. I gave her some medicine and rocked with her until it took effect.


JB said...

Thanks for the update on the doctors visits. I meant to call you earlier tonight for a report. It is nice to hear of Emily's continued progress.

Nanna said...

Em's first tooth on your birthday! Did you take a picture-kind of hard to do I guess. Glad for the good report on Emily's heart. What does Claire's surgery involve? Fall "09 or Fall 2010? Glad you all are for the most part sleeping well at night. What a blessing!!
Love and hugs and prayers, Nanna

Unknown said...

That is fall 2009. It's not set in stone and once we set a date Dr. said sometimes it gets pushed back because of more urgent cases.