Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emily crawls

Emily is crawling now. I tried unsuccessfully to video her crawling today...maybe tomorrow. She doesn't enjoy it much yet because it is still a lot of work.

Emily and I are both under the weather... cold or sinus infection or the like.

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Martin said...

Bravo for Emily crawling! I will light a candle for you and Em's health today. Some year you all will have to come to see us in late Sept. for the Oklahoma State Fair. When Emily is old enough to enjoy it too. There are a lot of neat things for kids. Lots of baby animals, petting zoo, camel rides (nice well-cared for friendly animals). Tell Claire that Nanna rode on a real camel named Sooner. A really nice area for pre-school age kids to learn about farming. It was so well done. Hope you all are staying cool. Love & prayers, Nanna