Friday, September 04, 2009

the girls

The girls are playing side by side in the dining room play area so I decided to blog. Of course this means Claire is now pestering me to sit on my lap and look at baby Luke's blog.

Emily can now pivot 360 degrees either sitting or lying on her tummy. Still no crawling. Her hip muscles seem to be very tight. She doesn't like to get into crawling position. We have been trying yo help her by putting her on her tummy over our leg or over a small ball. She is teething again. Working on the top two front teeth and it a little fussy and not sleeping as well as usual. Emily is getting quite good at throwing things... this is mostly tossing aside things she is finished with.
She has developed some new interests. She is particularly interested in balls of all sizes and playing peek-a-boo especially if someone puts a cloth on her head and she pulls it down. Emily also loves dolls and has for some time. She really perks up and listnes and kicks her feet or moves her hands to the rhythm when we play music too. She learned how to clap just recently. Very cute.

Claire is still interested in trying on any shoes she sees that belong to someone else. She is also having fun painting with a brush...before she always chose to use her fingers even when she had brushes to work with. She has shown more interest in making collages too. Claire is quite itchy with this hot weather. I think she feels itchy when she sweats.

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Nanna said...

.Dear Jen, Thank you for the window on the daily lives of our sweet granddaughters that you provide so regularly! It is greatly appreciated and brings a lot of smiles to us. You are a good mom and a good daughter-in-law! It was a treat to hear Em's voice when you called the other day too. Tell the girls that Nanna & Poppa love them. Love and greetings to the hard-working dad in the family too. You all try to stay cool our there, and we pray for all the fires to be contained. Love, Nanna