Thursday, September 24, 2009

More about Emily

Emily is using a little bit of sign language but it is sometimes confusing because bye-bye and milk look just about the same with her. She is able to get from laying to crawling position to sitting and back to crawling/laying now.
She loves to pull up to standing position and will even bend down to pick something up and stand up again while holding on with one hand. Her fine motor skills seem to be improving all the time too. She is very interested in opening velcro tabs, picking up puzzle pieces by their little knobs, turning pages and opening flaps in books. Emily's looks are changing with her two front teeth growing bigger. Her fuzzy hair is starting to come in a little thicker now too.

I'm feeling a bit better today. But Emily is not quite herself. thankfully she had a 2.5 hour morning nap and is pretty cheerful at the moment. Mark stayed home to take care of our energetic Claire since I am low on energy.

I just got done reading F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. I don't recommend it. too depressing.

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Martin said...

Jen, The Great Gatsby affected me the same way. Glad Mark was able to stay home a day and help when you were feeling bad. Thanks for all the details on Em. Teeth do make a difference in appearance. Love & Prayers, Nanna