Wednesday, September 09, 2009

new teeth

As of Sunday Emily has 4 teeth. The two top front teeth came it without too much fuss.

Both girls have been waking at night several time a week the past couple of weeks. and on top of that I haven't been sleeping well because I have a lower back ache--only at night. This morning I got up at 6 AM and did 30 minutes of Pilates with a video and hope it will help my sleep. This was not too long after Claire came in and Mark had to put her back to bed, so he didn't sleep well either.

Claire has been talking about school lately so yesterday we started doing some pre-school activities at home. Stringing beads, matching colors, making playdough numbers, playing catch...

Mark and I enjoyed reading aloud to each other a children's book entitled Lunch Money about a 6th grader who is obsessed with earning money and starts a comic business. He makes some important discoveries about himself and about life along the way.

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Nanna said...

I'm trying to picture Emily with her more toothsome smile. So glad she didn't have too bad of a time with the tooth cutting process! My lower back hurt for a couple of days. too. I did some gentle stretching and tried to watch my posture. It seems to be okay now. Hope yours is feeling better, Jen. Pre-school activities with Claire sound fun. Her mommy is a very good teacher!! Who is the author of Lunch Money? Thanks for the family news! With love, Nanna