Saturday, October 31, 2009

Froggy nurses

Claire is really interested in sewing. I picked up a couple craft kits at the 99c store to make felt hand puppets. She had a great time putting the plastic needle through all the pre-punched holes around the edge of each puppet. I was surprised at how long this captivated her attention. I would show her the next hole after each stitch otherwise she would want to plunge it in randomly. When we were done with the second puppet she wanted to do another one.

I've been using some activities from the book Teaching Montessori in the
Home: The Pre-school Years
and have picked up some learning games and toys from the thrift store and Lakeshore. It is always interesting to see which activities she gravitates towards. This week she was really interested in playing Cootie. This is a game where you roll a die and get to pick various body parts to create a "Cootie" bug. It is still a bit difficult for her to put the pieces in and take them out again when we clean up she is starting to pay more attention to the dots on the die and figure our which part to pick after she rolls.

Emily's favorite activity is having someone hold her hands so she can walk around. This is a real back breaker since she is so short. She also loves her stuffed animals and is very affectionate with them giving them hugs and kisses. Yesterday after her nap she nursed and when she was done she put her stuffed animal (a frog) up my shirt so he could have a turn.


Nanna said...

What a fun new message! Great Grammy was here when i opened it up and I read it to her. We all love you all very much. Also, as a big bonus, the mailman delivered a letter from Claire yesterday too. Wow!! How good does it get. Thanks for the double prints of the beautiful pictures of Claire and Emily so Grammy could have some too. I'm so happy Claire is enjoying sewing. I love to sew too Claire. I am making a quilt for Calan for his birthday. It's a surprise, so don't tell him. Emily sounds like she wants to walk like her big sister. Won't that be great when she can walk on her own and a bit easier on mom and dad's backs. Love to you all! I better send a letter to Claire soon. Love and hugs and prayers, Nanna & Poppa

JB said...

Sounds like Claire inherited the "sewing gene" from both sides of the family. How delightful!!

Grandma is wondering if Emily will be walking by herself when she comes to Prescott. I recently looked at the videos of Claire learning to walk at Grandma's. What fun.