Monday, September 18, 2006

4 hours

Claire actually slept for 4 hours in a row! I slept for 3.75 hours in a row! Please let this be a trend.
I was remarking to Mark that it seemed like Claire didn't do as much daytime napping as I guess she was exta tired.

When I started feeding her at 3:00 am she passed a lot of gas but it didn't seem to bother her. She took 80cc from Dr. Brown's bottle and burped twice. I held her upright for 20 mins and put her to bed. So far I haven't heard a peep.


Ma Torg said...

Ahhhh, do not fall into the dreadful trap of temptation! Seriously, one thing that I strongly urge new parents is to not live with the expectation of getting more sleep. It is fine to pray for it, but I think, more importantly, that it is wise to pray for acceptance of lack of sleep and feeling tired. It won't go away anytime soon. I still have to battle it and Mary is 15 months old! So, how about you pray for me and I pray for you? (o:

Mark said...

Harrumph. I maintain optimism. It is all relative: thankfully, the trend is away from the 1.5-2 hours between feeds towards 3 hours, and maybe a little more. It seems to be levelling off around this point, which is fine--I don't expect the baby's stomach to magically grow to contain 8 hours worth of food any time soon, considering she only weighs about 8 pounds.
But let me tell you, 3 hours at a stretch seems like a bounty compared to 2 hours!