Thursday, September 07, 2006

Claire Trivia

Claire has two birthmarks, one on the back of her neck called a "stork bite" and the other is on her cheek just under her right eye and looks like a little red scratch. The doc says they will both fade away in the next two years.

Claire weighed in at 7 lbs 4oz Yesterday!! We did some calculations, and that works out to gaining exactly 1 ounce per day since she came home on July 21st.

Her favorite food is fresh breastmilk...not previously frozen. We have so much frozen milk on hand from when she was in the hospital that we are donating a big box to the nearest Mothers' Milk Bank.

She likes books with big bold pictures with high contrast. (We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle yesterday.)

She has a little bit of eczema/dry skin the problem is mosly cleared up but her arms are still a bit rough and flaky.

She enjoys baths and head massages.

She falls asleep on car rides.

She likes long afternoon naps in the sling.

Supplemental nursing system is a container filled with milk hung around my neck with a tiny tube attached. This tube I insert in the nipple shield and it delivers more milk so that when Claire sucks she gets milk with every suck so that she gets used to breastfeeding. It went well two times yesterday. This morning it was a little rocky and I forgot to burp her halfway so she spit up at the end. Oops. I gotta run to the La Leche meeting. I'm going to be late but I had to feed Claire and pump.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Claire trivia. To grandparents, any little tidbit is always great big news.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nanna Pennie agrees with Nanu that, as far as Claire is concerned, it's all headline news! Thanks for a the updates Mark and Jen. Love!!