Friday, September 15, 2006


Claire finally got her bath today after many days of postponement. After I wrapped her up and put her down for a nap, I realized I forgot to clean her ears.

The last couple days she has had a fluctuating appetite. Some meals she'll take 3oz and other meals only one oz.

She is more interested in looking at and batting at her toys now. She seems to like the mirrors. I tried to buy a rattle for her at Rite Aid but they didn't have a traditioanl rattle. I wanted something small that she can easily hold onto. She continues to practice grabbing things including my glasses.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful new photos were enjoyed by all! The Lotus were pretty too.
Colic or gas was our experience with Claire's daddy too. But he got over it, although it felt like it lasted forever. Do fluctuating appetites coincide with growth spurts? Time together for the two of you is important, as well as change of scenery and fresh air. I'll keep an eye out for a small rattle too. Love, Nanna Pennie