Monday, October 23, 2006

smiles plus

wide smile Claire has been smiling so much lately. It really melts me when she bestows one on me. I get them mostly in the morning right after she wakes up. Need to capture a picture soon. Her smile is unexpectedly wide and jolly; shaking the "petite and delicate" perception of her for the unwary.

I wore myself out this weekend by running sound for a conference at church during the day, and fixing my Mac laptop by night. Not to mention a few hours wiled away hacking at SecondLife.

My brain is always churning with numerous projects. One idea is to tear down the old termite-ridden backhouse/garage, and replace it with a shipping container for storage.


Anonymous said...

I rejoice with you on the smiles! Claire's hearty smiles touch my heart all the way up here in Lompoc. I agree, tear down the back buildings. But a shipping container? I just picture a big metal rectangular hulk. Not a very inspiring view in the long run. You probably have a greater vision?
Lovingly, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just saw the wider smile photo.That is some smile. Go Claire!!

Hugs & Kisses