Thursday, January 25, 2007

sewing project

My goal for today was to sew a diaper cover for Claire. (We use cloth diapers part time.) I printed out a free pattern I found online. I had to modify it to fit Claire. Then I cut it out and put the velcro in the wrong place! I think I can still make it work... We'll see. I didn't get started till around 4:30 pm. My mom had to run some errands so my dad and I took turns with Claire. He watched her while mom and I took a much needed nap. Hopefully I will be able to finish one cover and try it out to see if I should make more.

Claire downed an entire jar of peas this afternoon. This is the first time she finished a jar in one sitting. She seemed to really enjoy herself. She blew peas everywhere towards the end of the feed and was very proud of herself. She also wanted to help hold the jar and kept reaching for my hand. She also like to help the hand with the spoon in it. Even so, almost all of it got in the mouth and down the hatch.

The constipation problem is cleared up. Whew! Last night she woke up every two hours. (I don't think I can survive too many more nights like this... She's only had one good night since we got here.) (A good night means waking up twice during the night to eat.)

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Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your recent entries. I thought I posted a comment, but it didn't take. Hopefully I'll get it right this time. We miss you all, and Claire's sweet little face. Thanks for posting the new snaps. All well here. Love, Nanna Pennie