Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today was an eventful day. Claire was uncomfortable due to constipation and woke up 5 times by the time I handed her off to her grandmother at 4:45 am. In the morning and early afternoon she had several painful stools that got progressively softer. (We've been giving her stewed prunes and prune juice to help.) Finally this evening she had a very soft one and seems to be done with the constipation whew! Besides that we had lunch with my Grandma- she brought over yummy beef soup. I got to take a long walk and work on a craft project and go shopping at Joann's Fabrics where I purchased some decent safety pins to replace our non-sharp 99 cent store ones.

The craft project consisted of painting on Tyvek which I want to use in cardmaking and bookmaking eventually. I bought dome fabric for sewing diaper covers from Joann's.

I'm planning to post some more pictures to Flikr once I'm done blogging.

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