Saturday, January 20, 2007


Traveling with my parents the other day went really smoothly. Claire didn't seem to mind the trip at all. She slept a good deal but I also managed to engage her is some play time.

Friday was a mellow day. It snowed off and on all day. Now the landscape is covered in a white blanket. We spent most of it at my parent's house doing the usual... feeding, napping, playing, pumping. Claire's naps were short and her meals were smaller and closer together which unfortunately translated into her waking every two hours during the night. UGH! I slept in till 9:30 and didn't even hear my dad come in early this morning to get Claire.

Yesterday we made a quick trip to the health food store because I was out of multivitamins and we needed some grocery items. Several adoring fans in the store cooed at Claire and asked her age. I was carrying her in the Snuggli carrier. Then we went to great grandmas so mom could get her computer working. While we were there I got Claire laughing really loudly by first swooping in over and over and kissing her cheek and then her belly.

Before we left on Wed. the physical therapist got Claire to sit without support for several seconds!
She is also demonstrating the ability to roll from side to front and back to side. It looks like she will soon be able to roll any way she wants. She also demonstrates other mobility... scooting to the top of the crib and turning herself around like a clock hand on the floor.

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