Saturday, January 06, 2007

slow start

I had big plans for this morning, mostly to do with tidying up around the house and doing some grocery shopping and food prep. I had to abandon all of the above because I woke up with multiple plugged ducts and Claire wasn't interested in nursing to help unplug them. She was busy dealing with her own issues. (Being constipated from iron in the multivities which I have been giving her more regularly lately.) Her issue and mine were resolved by about 1:30, so by 3:00 we packed up the family to go shopping for a more comfortable chair for the nursery. We found one we like at Plummers but I had to get back home to pump and there was a line to speak to a salesperson...maybe later.

Claire is really enjoying interacting with the toys she got for Christmas. She likes shaking them and batting them and discovering what nioses they make and how they feel in her mouth.

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