Thursday, January 04, 2007


The transition back to life at home after vacationing with family is a challenge. We went to Lompoc to visit Mark's Mom for New Year's Eve, so we've just been back a couple of days. We look forward to visits from my Folks and Mark's mom this month.

Adding to the challenge... we had to have a plumber over to replace a busted pipe which was apparently leaking while we were gone for the weekend. Thankfully the pipe in question was in the front yard and not inside the house.
gotta go. Claire calls.


Mark said...

Ahem. Of course the busted pipe wasn't in the house. I replaced all those myself. The only non-Mark-approved remaining plumbing was the main line coming in from underground. Now that is fixed as well, so we should be in good shape for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

Glad the plumbing situation is resolved. It was great spending a couple of days with you all. Sorry you were sick, Mark. Martin got it after you left! He went back to work Fri. Great news! Claire's great-grammy Phyllis is on her way to Calif. via train. We won't be doing the 19th weekend (no connection)and will be in touch.
Love & Prayers, Mom