Monday, March 09, 2009

5 feelings

I just remembered an activity Fr. John Downing taught us to do at his marriage seminars. He gave us a page with many little faces drawn to illustrate dozens of feelings. He also gave us a list of hundreds of feeling words. Then he asked us to pick 5 emotions we are feeling right now. I think I need to start doing this on a regular basis. Frustrated because my goals are consistently not attained and my schedule not followed. Exhausted in spite of having a nap today. Happy that Claire Emily and I all napped at the same time this afternoon. Glad to see Mark at the end of the day and to talk with my parents on the phone. Enamored of my little Emily who smiles at me so sweetly.

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Nanna said...

Dearest Jen, Regarding the frustration (Poppa and I agree this is universal), try narrowing down the goals so you won't feel bogged down. Maybe like weekly rather than daily and then be flexible. Think long range and little steps. I know this is very general, but It applies to lots of things. And here's one we all know but forget to rely on: Prayer! Oh, yeh. I love that you can express yourself and your feelings. Grandma was over today for blog and picture catch up and to see our glorious swath of daffodils along the front lawn. She said, "Jen is really a good writer!" You are, Jen! Thanks once again for sharing your life with us. Love to the handsome man and the two sparkly dearlings in his arms in the photo! Love, Nanna