Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day out

Emily has still not come to terms with car rides. It seems she fusses and then cries loudly more often than ever and hardly ever falls asleep in the car. Today after this began I managed to pull over on a side street and sway her car seat until she fell asleep. She slept though most of the remainder of our journey to Linda's daughter's baby shower. Emily was wide eyed and bushy tailed at the party I finally got her to take another short nap in the ERGO by taking a little walk. Claire says, "Baby Jack is in Chelsea's tummy." We all had a good time at the party and Claire was in kid heaven afterwards playing with the neighbor boy's toys... slide, wagon etc. Emily cried and fussed about half the way home then slept the rest of the way...well until Claire woke her up by fussing.

Photo is from Chelsea and Linda's visit at our house in Feb.

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Anonymous said...

I have thought several times about your drive home!!!!!!!! Glad she slept part of the way!! :)