Thursday, March 05, 2009

laughter is the best medicine

Hearing Emily laugh at her sister made my day.

This is what Emily does to entertain herself in the mornings.
(See more videos on Flickr.)


Kathy said...

These videos are soo sweet! Your girsl are beautiful! Isnt it great how the second child comes with built in entertainment?

Nanna said...

Em's delightful giggles and Claire's sweet peek-a-boos were so fun to hear and see this morning!!! Thank you! Much love, Nanna P.S. Tell the girls I've sent a big kiss on each cheek for each one of them. Mommy will have to be the messenger. Thanks!

Katie Jones said...

Wow, those videos made my day too! Emily is such a content little kiddo. :)

Anonymous said...

I LLLLLLLLLLOVE these!!!!!!! I remember Chelsea making Alex giggle as a widdle one. It's darling. (until of course he started walking, then she didn't think he was so cute...) See you SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! Remember, you can drive up the easement and park closer to Tam's. Kev is arriving with the little momma at 2:15. xoxo L

Anonymous said...

More, More!! We can hardly wait to see this twosome in person!!

Love, Nanu