Monday, March 16, 2009


Emily's Chrismation and party were lovely. Emily was very happy during the service and most of the party. We enjoyed visiting with everyone and were especially happy that our friend Will was in town for the occasion.

Today we went to the zoo. My mom accompanied us. We all loved watching the giraffes. It was especially fun because they were so close to us and so big. They seem quite intelligent and curious. Seeing the gibbons swinging all around their cage in ropes was a hit too.

Tomorrow we head to Redondo Beach to visit a friend from our Upland days.


Nanna said...

Thank you!!! for sending Em's Chrismation pictures so soon. We were thinking of you all. I know Claire must have been pleased for her little sis. Nice pic of Stan too. What fun to have a visit at the Zoo too. Poppa and I are going on a charity walk at our zoo next month for MS. One of our church friends came down with it a couple of years ago. We have family from Canada here this week. What joy!! Love and Hugs, Nannaackew

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS..........EMILY looks SO sweet!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad the weather was great for your gala affair (that seems to be ongoing)!! Chels and Kev went to the zoo a week or so ago and many of the exhibits were closed, and they were very sad about it. YOU 3 LADIES MUST come back to the canyon and see our NEW baby!!!! YES, we got a puppy, and she is the sweetest puppy in the whole world. We are in LOVE. xoxox L
HUGS to all of you AND your mom and dad.