Friday, March 20, 2009

New photos

There are new photos on Flickr.
I am resolved to get Emily to nap and asleep at night by her falling asleep while not nursing. Her naps have become increasingly shorter and it is very difficult or nearly impossible to get her back to sleep. I had success with three out of four short naps today. She went to sleep very easily this evening. Yay! I have to go to bed early Claire was up twice during the night and Emily was awake countless times!

Thanks Mom for helping us out this week. It was nice to have a chaperon for field trips. I'm glad you made it back to Prescott safe and sound.


JB said...

Emily's continued development is such a joy to watch and her giggles and smiles induce more smiles and giggles from me. What fun!!

Claire never ceases to amaze with her language abilities and her improvement in her locomotive skills such as jumping and hanging.

At the zoo she loved hanging on the barriers which separated the animals from the public. She was also quite taken with the monkeys swinging and hanging abilities.

A fun week was had by all.

Love, Nanu

Nanna said...

I'm so glad the Hudson family had a nice week with Nanu & Papa. The zoo sounds fun. We enjoyed Mark's book reviews. And we love the new pics on Flikr. I think Em is wearing the first little dress we got for Claire before she was even born. So sweet. Nice pics of mommy and daddy too. Much love, Nanna P.S. Today is Jill's b-day.

Anonymous said...

YAY for going to SLEEP! My new baby wants to run all over the mountains and then come home and take a puppy nap and then go out and do it all over again!! MY sleep schedule has changed drastically this past week!! We could get together and lament on hours lost. :) The photos are great, Jen. Let's chat soon! xoxox L