Monday, August 03, 2009

New things

Emily is constantly learning new things.
She can now take her socks off and open the tabs on her diapers (Cloth and paper)
She is getting too mobile to sleep on our big bed so she is back in the co-sleeper until she learns how to pull up to a sitting position. She can stand and play holding onto the laundry bin or music table. She is starting to enjoy taking toys out and putting them into a container. She likes playing in the sand (Especially in order to find bits of leaves and try to put them in her mouth before I take them away). She likes clapping and is trying to clap but she does it with one fist closed. Most nights she sleeps from about 6:15pm to 6:15 am (And I don't hear a peep during the whole 12 hours). This gets compromised sometimes on Sundays because she doesn't get her regularly scheduled naps. She is teething again and yesterday she only got one 45 min nap and got to sleep later than usual... this morning she awoke at 5:30. She had two 45 minute naps today and went to bed at 6:00 sharp. It is so interesting that when she goes to sleep late she wakes up earlier instead of sleeping in. I've read that this is common for babies. I tried without success to get her to take a third nap this afternoon. She is used to having only two naps.


JB said...

Emily's progress is so exciting!! I am so pleased that you have 2 girls sleeping through the night!! What a relief. We are eager to see teeth!!

Nanna said...

What a joy you are, Emily Ruth!! Thank you, God, for the miracle of Emily's beautiful life! It's so delightful to get up in the morning and click on the blog and read such sweet reports. Thank you, Jen! Love, Nanna