Sunday, July 05, 2009


Emily's main method of locomotion is rolling. She occasionally scoots by laying on her back lifting her tush and pushing with her feet. She has also on occasion scooted forward on her tummy if she is on a slick surface.
Her current favorite thing to say is "Ba". She likes to say it ad have it repeated every time she says it. What a fun game!

Claire has been going without tights for almost a week now. She has a few scratch marks but is doing really well considering her extreme itchiness of the past. She is glad to be rid of her tights. She has also been wearing short sleeves for over a month and doing well controlling her scratching. Thanks be to God.

We are enjoying time with my family and celebrated my grandma's birthday last night.
Love to Grammy in Oklahoma who is also celebrating a birthday this week.


Katie Jones said...

Yes, thanks be to God for small miracles! I am so glad that Claire is doing better.

Nanna said...

Emily is very creative in her moves! What a cutie! Tell her Nanna sends her a "Ba" and a kiss.

I'm so thrilled that Claire has been able to ditch the tights and long sleeves and enjoy the summer without the extra layer. She must feel so good. Thank you God!

I'm sure your Grandma was delighted to have you all there to celebrate her birthday with her. Happy birthday, Miriam, from us too.

Grammy's party on the 4th for her 80th was great fun! I'll give you a call and tell you all about it.

Love & hugs & and prayers, Nanna