Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marmoleum II

I managed to scrub the new floor and put two coats of polish on this evening. We still need to nail down the quarter round edging which I painted and Mark cut to size. I can't wait to put all our furniture back in place and put things away the chaos is getting to me.

We enjoyed our time with Nanna and Poppa yesterday and this morning and hope to see them one more time before they head back to OK. We had two tea parties yesterday!

Mark and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with take out from California Pizza Kitchen (which we ate by candlelight) including two wonderful deserts. Then we spent some time reading aloud to one another.

The girls are doing well. Claire took a spill this morning and has a welt on her forehead but seems to be fine otherwise. Initially I iced it then later I put some Arnica gel on it so hopefully it won't bruise too much.

1 comment:

JB said...

Wow, the floor project is almost done. I am impressed.

Give Claire a kiss for me.

Two tea parties!! How fun.

Let me know when the Ritz Carlton opens.