Monday, August 31, 2009


Everyone is back to good health. However, Mark and I have been feeling exhausted with the hot weather.
Emily learned to pull herself up from sitting to standing and wants to stand all the time now. She still isn't crawling and it is difficult to get her to spend much time on her tummy so that she can figure out the crawling. We put her on her stomach and she rolls right over.

Claire is trying my patience these days. We are trying to get her to use a regular glass or cup at home for drinking and only use the cups with the lids and straw when we go places. About three times a day she will whine incessantly about wanting milk in a sippy cup. (We try creative things like putting it in a tea cup or a measuring cup.) Thankfully she does drink from it, but the whining gets old.

Claire always asks for bedtime stories, specifically, "stories about when Daddy was a little boy." When his childhood times in Arcata are mentioned, she always says, "I want to go to Arcata with Daddy."

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Nanna said...

How nice to see a note from MarkHu Baby first thing this morning. I'm sorry you're having hot weather. We, on the other hand, have not turned on the air conditioning since we've been home from Calif. Very nice but unusual for August. Prayer request: Grammy's been in the hospital since Sat. Sorry I haven't called. Chest pains and gastric problems. They've been running tests. I'll keep you posted. It was so wonderful to be with you all even though it was a short visit. I can picture Em standing and enjoying it a lot. You are so creative with the cups, Jen. Mark, have you told Claire about Louann's pony in Arcata, or Babar the roosterr or Snoopy the dog? Arcata was an adventure. I'll try to think of more. Love & hugs & prayers! Nanna