Thursday, August 13, 2009


One of our struggles with Claire has been over hair washing...more specifically rinsing her hair. We Got a new rinsing cup with a rubber edge that she got to pick out at Target and now she loves having her hair rinsed. I think part of this new joy is because of swim lessons and getting used to having her face and hair wet in the pool.

Claire has new found enthusiasm for sea animals after a conversation about them at my gym this morning. I also picked up a jug of foam bath alphabet letters that has sea animals in it. Claire couldn't get enough of exclaiming about each animal in the tub this evening. "I have a sea turtle swimming in my bath. The turtle is climbing up the wall..."

We look forward to a brief visit with Nanna and Poppa next week. Claire wants them to visit "right now".

I've been enjoying reading the book Holiness for Housewives during Claire's quiet times lately. I also have been fascinated by John Moschos The Spiritual Meadow which I read before bed.

Emily has been enjoying some regular food these days including chomping on a whole banana, eating rye crackers, small morsels of sardines, and taking bites of fresh peach.

Emily seems to be quite a sharp girl. She likes to take blocks or other toys out of a box and put them in the box. She is also able to take things out of one container and transfer them to another container.

I have modifies Emily's night-time routine to include sitting on the bed and reading a story with Claire. I think Claire had really appreciated this and it makes it easier for her to wait till I'm done putting Emily down.

I've been trying yo sneak more veggies into Claire's food again because she is refusing to eat most of the plain ones offered to her. Yesterday I gave her rice with pureed carrot and summer squash over it garnished with raisins and said it was her special curry sauce. She gobbles it up. Today she ate some ground turkey mixed with onions, potatoes and avocado.

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Martin said...

What a delight to read about the girls daily experiences and their growth and learning. Imagine two people reading you blog and smiling the whole time, exclaiming, "O-o-o-o, Ah-h-h-h!" I feel like Claire, I want to be there right now. See you all soon, dear ones! Love, Nanna