Saturday, August 22, 2009

sick again

Clarie has bronchitis and Emily has a cold. This is the third time in the past 6 months that Claire has had an illness which affected her breathing. This time the doctor sent home a nebulizer machine and prescribed a bronchiodilator (Albuterol) and a steroid to use several times a day. This is much more than she had the past two times but the cause was thought to be bacterial before and she received antibiotics whereas this time it is thought to be viral. Thankfully, Claire has been pretty cooperative with the treatment and was feeling better today. She was fairly energetic although she was definately more needy than usual. Her daddy did an excellent job taking care of her and reading lots of books with her.


JB said...

So sorry to hear of Claire's and Emily's illnesses. I hope things have improved overnight.

Linda said... sick munchkins! How horrid to finally find you on my phone and hear theyre both sick! I know several who have been sick this summer. Glad to hear you both did something special on your anniversary! Did you get my texts? Lets see if I can post this.... xoxoL

Linda said...