Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New bed and new words

Emily is sleeping in the full sized crib for the first time tonight. This is because she learned to stand up in the co-sleeper and it is no longer safe for her to use it.
she learned this trick a few nights ago and spent the past two nights on a small mattress on the floor because I had to get the crib ready. It took Emily a while to settle down and goto sleep. Hopefully she will get used to it soon.
Emily is also saying a few more words and is understanding a lot more of what
I say. In addition to "mama", and "num num", she says "bye bye" spontaneously and appropriately. She like to say "uh-oh" but I don't know if she knows what it means, she will sometimes say "baby" or "bebe", and she says "ball". I have heard her say "hi" a few times but she won't do it on demand. She will follow some commands sometimes like shake shake-- for a rattle or other noise maker, wave, and clap.
It is so much fun to see her develop and communicate.


Martin said...

From teeth to talking; what an adventure! Is the crib still in Claire's room? Are the sisters sharing a room now? Love and kisses to the sweet girls, Nanna

JB said...

My how fast things change! Emily moving to the crib and learning more words is such good news. Let us know how Emily is adjusting to her new surroundings and to Claire's feelings about sharing what has been "her" room.