Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hard day for Mom

When I was holding Claire for Kangaroo Care this morning she was really active and squirming and kicking. She started rooting so I let her latch on to the breast... this was 5 mins after she downed what was in her bottle...I guess that didn't meet all her sucking needs. Anyway she enjoyed suckling for a while but she kept getting fussy and moving around a lot and wouldn't settle down. It was frustrating because I couldn't figure out what she wanted. Finally after an hour of this I checked her diaper which was very wet. Duh! This was very different from our usual routine which is she eats then she snuggles right in close to me and sleeps for an hour and a half. This was a bit exhausting. I went to eat lunch with Mark who had walked to Whole foods to get us some Lasagne and salad. We came back and Claire had been pulling on her feeding tube and the tape was coming off. The nurse decised to change the tape which was very upsetting to Claire who cried and arched her back...Later Claire pulled the tube completely out and the nurse had to but it back in which was very unpleasant with more loud crying and gagging from Claire. Unfortunately the tape was barely holding the tube onto Claire's cheek when we left as the tape she used was barely wider than the tube. To top it off,when I came back from my afternoon walk Claire was crying because she was lying on top of her passifier!

Anyway, it was diffucult for me to see Claire crying so much today because usually she only cries very briefly and is easy to console.
On a happier note, I am thankful that she is vigourous and growing stronger. I think she was able to get some milk when she was suckling and she seemed very interested for a while. I am also thankful that her weight is up to 4 pounds and she is taking half of her food by bottle where last weekend she was taking only two bottles every 24 hours.

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Your post about little Claire pulling out her NG tube made me chuckle. Not that I don't sympathize with you not liking to see baby Claire cry, but I had no idea little Claire would be smart enough to pull that tube out. Hopefully, that means she won't need it much longer! I have had many adult patients pull out that gnarly thing from their nose, but who new a 4 pound little girl is thinking exactly the same thing!

My brother called and said Ashya Marie is a whopping 2.2 pounds and is so big she is outgrowing her incubator :).

Anyway, Seattle is great but I do miss Sunny SoCal and our weekly walk :).

Hang in there Jen. Hopefully, Claire will be home soon.