Monday, July 03, 2006

Mrs. B.

Mrs. B. has become my favorite nurse at the Santa Monica NICU.
I feel at ease when she is taking care of Claire. She has a good sense of humor and is caring and competant and kind to me. I can do what I want to do when she is on duty. I can hold Claire for an hour and a half or so after each feeding, pump milk at the bedside, stay as long as I want, participate in the diaper changing and temperature taking etc. I never feel like I am unwelcome or am a nuisance. She doesn't say things that lead to me feeling conflicted or confused. Hurray she is on duty again tomorrow.

To give you an idea of how considerate she is, I'll tell you about how she called us this morning to tell us they were out of our stored breast milk. She told Mark, "I know how Jen feels about breast feeding being the best for the baby," and she asked him to bring some over right away for the next feeding.

We had a lovely visit with Claire's grandparents and our Priest and his family on Sunday. I get nervous about having visitors, but I'm always glad to see people when they come.

Claire is 1700 grams and is stooling more regularly. She seems really content. After I put her down this afternoon she was alert and wide eyed, looking up at the quilt her grandma made for her and kicking and raising her feet. I spoke to her in Spanish for a while while she was alert and sang a song, "Un elefante."

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