Monday, July 17, 2006


The nurse moved Claire out of her isolette into a bassinet this evening! I hope she is able to stay warm enough. She has three or four blankets on her and was ok for an hour or so at a time between Kangaroo care times this afternoon. This is the third attempt at weaning her from the warmth of the isolette.

She has only been gaining 5-10 grams a day the past few days. Her related benchmark for going home is being able to take all of her food by mouth and gain 15-20 grams per day.

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Ma Torg said...

We're still praying for you, Mark, Jen and baby Claire. Thank you for these posts that help us know each day how to pray best for you all. I do so hope, Jen, that all the longings in your mother's heart are soon fulfilled and that one day soon you will be rocking your little baby to sleep in your own home.

The Torgersons