Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm getting impatient. Claire still has several milestones to reach before she will be ready to come home and I am growing weary. Her weight should be around 2 kilos; now she is at 1880 grams (4.14 lbs). Also she's been having Bradycardia episodes... this is when her heart slows to half-normal for a few seconds. She'll have to be free of these episodes for a week before she comes home. They are trying to ween her from the isolette for the second time starting tonight. Hopefully she will be able to maintain her temperature. The last issue is feeding. She takes from half to two-thirds of her feeds via bottle and the rest via gavage. She will need to be able to drink all of her feeds in order to come home.

Even so, I am pleased that she has been gaining weight consitently this week, and she looks great. I was looking at all the pictures we've taken of her since she was born and I can tell she has come a long way. She looked so tiny and sickly for the first week or so and now she has cubby cheeks and has such cute expressions and such a sweet disposition. She has continued to pull on her feeding tube and she complains loudly when the nurses have to fix it. So she can get feisty when she wants to.

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