Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ups and Downs

Sorry it's been so long since we updated. We've been having difficulty connecting to the blog.

Emily was baptized "Emelia" by her godfather on Tuesday after Saint Emelia, the Capadocian saint of the 4th century who was mother of 10 children 5 of whom were sainted: Saint Macrina, Saint Basil the Great, Saint Peter of Sebaste, Saint Gregory of Nyssa, and Saint Naucratius.

Emily had a good first week. She required photo-therapy for jaundice. She has been weaned from the humidifier which was adding moisture to the air in her isolette. She is being weaned from the canula also. (This blows air into her nostrils to help with breathing. She didn't have any episodes of Apnea, Bradycardia, or oxygen desaturation during the first week.

Yesterday Emily started to have a few set backs. The chest x-ray showed that her heart was becoming a bit congested. The Doctors started her on Lasix which should help her to get rid of the extra fluid. (This is common preemie medicine for VSD.)

Emily started having Bradycardia episodes last night and had several this morning. The doctor also said her hemoglobin is slightly lower than normal so she may need a blood transfusion soon.

On a happier note, now that she is off phototherapy, Emily and I have been enjoying Kangaroo Care. Let the bonding begin! Her nurse today is super nice and makes a point of caring for my needs as well as the baby's. I am really touched because I haven't felt very welcome in the NICU up till now. Also, her doctor asked me how my pumping was going. I appreciated the encouragement on this front too.

Please Pray that the new medicine will be effective, that the Bradycardia episodes will stop and her hemoglobin will go back up to normal. Pray for me to be able tocope with the ups and downs and the separation.

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