Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trouble with feeds

Emily was off her feeds for about 8 hours today because she wasn't digesting well. They decided to decrease the frequency of her meals and the quantity of milk. She was up to 6cc every 3 hours. Now she is at 4cc every 4 hours.

Mark asked about the chair situation. There is a glider in the other two NICU nurseries. Emily will be moved to one of them once she is more stable and needs less care. (Probably once she isn't receiving nutrition through the IV.)
He also found out the name of the NICU manager who is currently on vacation and he wants to ask about donating a chair. (Not that we have one to donate.)
He also asked if the NICU staff receives training on Kangaroo care. They PA (Physicians assistant) said that is it a topic in their continuing education sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting more photos on Flicker. Nana's little helper, swinging and Claire with her "family" are all adorable. Emily Ruth is so sweet. It is nice to be able to see more of her face and the photo of Jen holding Emly is priceless.

Hope those feeds finally start agreeing with Emily.
Love, Nanu