Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more set backs

Yesterday afternoon I didn't hold Emily because they were giving her a blood transfusion which took a little over 3 hours. Good news is Claire got to see Emily for the first time. She was very interested in Emily's tiny toes.
During the afternoon Emily spit up some milk and her belly was distended. The nurse extracted a lot of air from her belly which was back to it's normal size before her next meal. The nurse practitioner decided to continue feeding her on the same feeding schedule as before. Today they did an x-ray and discovered that her intestines were distended so they suspended all feeds and put a thicker tube with some suction down her throat to her tummy in order to keep her belly empty.

She had lots more Bradycardia episodes during the night last night. They were longer spells and her oxygen level dropped. The blood transfusion did not help with this as they had hoped. They changed her nasal cannula for the larger and more supportive SiPAP which she was on the first several days in the NICU. The SiPAP has helped with the Bradycardia spells.

They also drew blood for tests and started her on antibiotics today in case her symptoms are due to infection.

On a brighter note, Emily gained back the weight she lost during the first several days (50 grams) and has been gaining several grams per day.

This afternoon I prayed the Cannon for a sick child at her bedside and I couldn't stop crying. I'm so sad that she is sick and so sad that I can't hold her (because of the SiPAP) and sad that she can't take any milk right now. I just want her to be well and to grow so she can come home.


Jen said...

Oh, Jen Marie, I can really feel your heart aching as I read your words. I'm so sorry you are hurting and that Emily is hurting.

Our prayers are with you and Emily and Mark and Claire.


Unknown said...

Thanks Brigid. We need all the prayers.
-Jen Marie

Anonymous said...

Dear ones,
Please know you are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

Nanu and Papa